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The Challenge

Transdirect wanted to increase its online sales and revenue with a new conversion optimisation strategy. 

Despite solid traffic and market visibility, prior CRO efforts had not met the company’s growth expectations. Conversion rates were quite good, but had gotten “stuck” and still had untapped potential.

We were initially engaged to implement our growth and conversion optimisation framework, and demonstrate the true impact CRO could achieve with our successful framework.   

Our Prioritised Approach

As we started with our deep-dive analysis of the business, the market, traffic segments and buyer journeys, we constructed a very different growth strategy and optimisation testing plan than previous efforts.   

Our CRO Testing Blueprint mapped out a prioritised sequence of initial tests, with flexibility to adapt based on results and performance.

With the opportunity to move fast and test, analyse and optimise in the priority areas we derived from the data, our optimisation cycle quickly gained traction and results.

The Results

In the first few months, more than 2/3 of our tests were successful and impactful, with the winners generating double-digit gains. (Industry average CRO testing win rates are in the 1435% range.) 

As we pursued our optimisation framework, the gains kept compounding: Conversions grew by 71% in the first year, driving a major lift in revenue and accounts.

Building on those early successes, we expanded our growth optimisation approach across several key marketing channels. Our partnership with Transdirect has evolved to encompass SEO, paid search and social media, video, content, email marketing and more. In 2019, we were awarded Best B2B Campaign finalist honours in the Australia Search Awards for our work with Transdirect in two of those marketing channels. Today, the growth continues, despite new global challenges for this industry. 

In the longer view, double-digit and triple-digit gains in core KPIs have generated game-changing growth for the company’s sales and marketing ROI.


“We’ve been working with Copilot Crew for a few years now, and we’ve seen fantastic results in building revenue, customer retention, sales optimisation, and streamlining many of our online processes. The impact on our business has been massive as they’ve optimised our top digital marketing channels and consistently raised the bar.”


Trent Alexander

Managing Director, Transdirect

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