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Your Google Ad campaigns should be the backbone of your business growth engine, not a gamble on agency of the month.


Our team of experts will help you unlock hidden revenue using real customer insights, sophisticated machine learning and laser targeted audience profiles.


Increase your Return On Investment with data-driven insights to fine-tune your campaigns and fuel smarter decision-making.


Scale your results, expand your business reach and seize new market opportunities with expert strategies precisely tailored to your ideal customers.

High Performing Google Ads For Growing Businesses

Get greater opportunities, quickly.

Confidently focus on your core business while our experts masterfully manage your Google Ads campaigns for optimal results.


Attract high quality, high value leads, acquire new users and maximise customer lifetime value.


You want to expand globally and penetrate new markets.


Reach a niche market with a high average order value.


Working with Copilot is a seamless and rewarding experience! Initially I was concerned my business would be too small given their work with large brands, but they worked closely on the journey with me and helped uncover opportunities for the growth, giving great guidance. The discovery process was incredibly helpful as they dug into questions I hadn’t even considered, and they truly cared about and believed in my brand. They helped me work through my roadblocks, with a friendly, patient and knowledgeable approach. As a female founder it’s important to me to work with other female founders as my partners and suppliers. Copilot Crew understand the unique challenges I face and communicate with me in my own language.
Yvonne Adele
Yvonne Adele
Changing from another digital agency to Copilot Crew, I’ve seen our digital revenue increase significantly right out of the gate. Copilot Crew overhauled the structure of our digital activities to really take performance to the next level. Our business is complex, operating across different international markets in a very niche industry. The team have taken the time to really understand the product and industry, and build campaigns that truly convert. Were getting greater returns for our budgets and ROI continues to grow. While many agencies take a ‘set and forget’ approach once they have your account established, this couldn’t be further from the way Candice and Hunter operate. They are continually refining and optimising to ensure we are remaining nimble in where and how we are targeting prospective customers. As a trusted growth partner, Copilot Crew feels more like an extension of our in-house team than an agency. They are a pleasure to work with and are really invested in the success of the business!
Jessica / Lumiere Equestrian
Jessica / Lumiere Equestrian
Copilot Crew is an ongoing, integral part of my business and creative development. (Marketing was only the beginning!) I approached Hunter and Candice for help in the very early stages of launching my first business as a solo startup founder. I had branding and ideas, but knew I needed input from experienced mentors and creators to untangle the next steps and present my services to the right audience. Hunter and Candice were formative in refining my brands and service mix and expanding my abilities as a solopreneur. Their approach is individualised, action oriented, and surprisingly simple to implement in a framework that progressively layers skill-building, feedback, and growth. The most distinctive feature of working with Hunter and Candice, however, is their balanced focus on relationship growth and skills growth - truly the hallmark of experienced, dedicated mentors. Many thanks always - Amy Dewhurst
A Dewhurst
A Dewhurst
We've been working with Copilot Crew for a few years now, and they've yielded fantastic results in growing our visibility and revenue, and optimising sales and customer retention for Transdirect. They've streamlined many of our online processes, and beyond their digital marketing and growth services, they're always available for insightful advice and clear recommendations. Hunter and Candice are easy to work with, keep us on our toes, and best of all, they get things done. Working with Copilot Crew has been a no-brainer. Any business looking for a growth partner to optimise their sales and conversions should get them onboard. Thank you Copilot Crew for our long standing partnership.
Not only are Candice and Hunter a pleasure to deal with since day one, we've seen amazing results working with Copilot Crew, and they've made a big impact on our business right from the start. What's really impressive is how well they understand our entire client journey. As a result, they've helped us optimise not only our marketing, but the client fit and our sales cycles have also benefited greatly. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
Michael Beresford
Michael Beresford
Having worked in marketing for 20 years, I've seen a lot of companies that talk the talk and have been let down pretty much all the time. Copilot are certainly different. They walk the walk! Their expertise in using a data driven approach is common sense, and takes the emotion out of making decisions which leads to much better, sustainable results. I would be happy to recommend Copilot to anyone.
Nate Ward
Nate Ward
Candice and Hunter are exceptional digital marketers with an unparalleled combination of analytical and technical knowledge, trend forecasting and strategic planning. I've worked with them on their Blueprint Strategy to maximise on-site conversions, grow web traffic, build content to move customers through the buyer cycle (for online retail brands and my own service-based business). Every time I work with them I am getting continued education and insight into the evolving digital landscape; they love details, deliver exceptional ROI, communicate clearly and do not include any fluff. The results speak for themselves but they are a joy to work with too! Effective marketing strategy includes an ecosystem of platforms and channels, and this team are the only ones producing a cohesive and 360 degree marketing map.
Sarah Cohen
Sarah Cohen
Copilot Crew has been an absolute blessing for our organisation and have helped transform and shape our online presence in a way that we could not have done ourselves. They are skilled, professional and above all extremely kind to work with. We are always in the loop with their activities and get fed with regular updates where the information is easily digestible and makes a lot of sense. This is especially important considering our lack of knowledge in some technical aspects such as Google Adwords.
Haidar Al-fallouji
Haidar Al-fallouji
It has been an excellent experience working with CoPilotCrew. I higly recommend them as they are "'The Specialist"' when it comes to Web Marketing, SEO and digital presence. We have seen huge growth in our web traffic, leads and sales because they knew exactly how to tailor strategies specific to our business needs.
Usman Jamil
Usman Jamil
Hunter and Candice are the best that could have ever happen to our business. Their experience, intelligence and passion are absolutely inspiring. 10/10 for the Copilot Crew. 100% recommended. They are the marketing and sales partner any game-changer wants to have.
Mateo Palacio
Mateo Palacio


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Here’s How We Get Results – Over and Over Again.

If you want powerful ad campaigns for growth results, built around your goals, buyer personas and audiences, and unique value propositions, you’re in the right place. 

Discovery & Strategy

We conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing campaigns and identify growth opportunities.

Our expert team develops a tailored Google Ads plan aligned with your business goals and target audience

Technology & Creative

We configure your Google Ads account to track vital goals, actions, and audiences, to maximise machine learning capabilities.

We craft highly engaging ad copy, imagery and/or video creative to get your target audience clicking through.

Development & Implementation

We build audiences, develop your account structure, launch and manage your campaigns. We then optimize bids, keywords, and ad creatives for peak performance.

Optimisation & Reporting

We continually analyse campaign data, refine keywords, split test and fine-tune ad creatives, practising ongoing optimization to ensure continuous improvement.

You’ll receive your own customised dashboard, regular performance reports and one on one meetings with your Google Ads marketing expert.



Are Your Google Ads Covered?

See what you could be missing and what you should be getting.

Campaign Strategy & Optimisation

  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • Bidding Strategy Variety
  • Keyword Tapering
  • Geographic Bid Adjustments
  • New Keyword Expansions
  • Retargeting Improvements
  • Time Based Split Testing
  • Conversion Quality Improving
  • Efficient Shopping Campaigns
  • Conversion Intent Grouping
  • Negative Keyword Additions

Ad Creatives and Reporting

  • Custom Audiences
  • Remarketing List For Search Ads
  • Copy Testing In Ads
  • Display Ad Opportunities
  • New Creative Ad Launches
  • Tailored Dashboard Reporting
  • New Google Ad Betas
  • Responsive Ad Design & Testing
  • Ad Schedule Analysis & Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Advanced Audience Segmentation


How long does it take to see results from your Google Ads services?

While results may vary, most clients start seeing improvements in their campaign performance within the first month.

Can I track the performance of my campaigns?

Absolutely! You’ll receive regular performance reports and have 24/7 access to your campaign data through our client portal.

How do you charge for your Google Ads management services?

Our pricing is based on a monthly retainer, NOT a percentage of media spend.

Who is on your expert Google Ads team?

Our team is made up of verified experts, yes verified. Copilot Crew is a Google Ads Partner agency and our team has in-depth experience producing superior results with accounts worldwide. In fact, our team includes former Google employees!

Do you offer a guarantee?

While we cannot guarantee specific results, we are confident in our ability to drive growth and improve your ROI. See what our clients have to say.

Ready to Take Your Google Ads Performance to New Heights?

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